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1. Classical Britain

2. Beowulf 1

3. Beowulf 2

4. Middle Ages

5. Romance

6. Sir Gawain

7. Malory

8. Chaucer's Miller

9. Wife of Bath

10. Religious Protest

11. Biblical Drama

12. Play of Mankind

13. Early Modern Period

14. Thomas More

15. Philip Sidney

16. Print Culture

17. Walter Raleigh

18. Twelfth Night 1

19. Twelfth Night  2

20. Civil War

21. An Age of Irreverence

22. Aphra Behn

23. Reading Papers

24. Gulliver

25. Rape of the Lock

26. School for Scandal

27. New God

28. Revolution

Final Exam


































Complete this course successfully, and you will understand several allusions in the Britannical anthem composed by Mr. William Hope-Jones, formerly of Eton!

Students practicing for the final exam.Once upon a time, men blue with woad drove the giants from Albion, and so the name became Pretannike (Greek for "place of colored folk"), and then Pretannia (in early Latin) and finally Britannia, after they had no P's . . .



At the start of the semester they looked wimpy like this!

Consumer warning:

British Literature, Part One
may be hard to bear
if you are not too tall!


Thy Books!

David Damrosch et al., eds. The Longman Anthology of British Literature, Volume One. 3rd Edition. Vols. 1A, 1B, 1C. New York: Pearson Longman, 2006. ISBN 0-321-33392-6.

 A BORROWER BE: This edition is on reserve for enrolled students at TC3 Library, and it may be checked out FREE for the full semester.

See also Longman's companion web site..


The green three-book set is for this course, Part 1 of British Survey. We sample literature in the British Isles from the beginning to the American Revolution.

Part 2 of British Survey, a course which is offered another semester, covers romantic age, Victorian and modern writers.


Thy Reads!

Aug. 25, 2012.  LESSON 01. "What is British Literature?" Damrosch Volume 1A xxi-xxii. "The Celts," Damrosch 1A 4-5. "Ancient Britain Source Texts" online at englishareQuiz (1). Journal (2). Items in this schedule in this dark red font are interactive components for registered students. Find these assignments at the college course site in SUNY Learning Network.


Aug. 28. LESSON 02. "The Middle Ages," Damrosch 1A 3-4. "The Germanic Invasions," 1A 5-7. Beowulf, "Grendel" and "Grendel's Mother," 1A 27-74 (lines 1-1934).

Sep. 01. LESSON 03. "Pagan and Christian," 1A 7-8. Beowulf, "The Dragon," 1A 74-92 (lines 1935-end). "The Wanderer," "Wulf and Edwacer and The Wife's Lament," and "Riddles," 1A 153-162. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Sep. 04. LESSON 04. "Early Irish Narrative," "Early Irish Verse," "Judith," "Dream of Rood," "Ethnic and Religious Encounters," 1A 96-135. Quiz (1). Journal (2).  

Sep. 08. LESSON 05. "The Norman Conquest," "Social and Religious Order," "Continental and Insular Cultures," "Women, Courtliness and Courtly Love," and "Romance," 1A 10-20. "Arthurian Myth in the History of Britain" and "Marie de France," 1A 163-200. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Sep. 11. LESSON 06. "The Return of English" and "Politics and Society in the Fourteenth Century," 1A 20-25. "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight," 1A 200-258. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Sep. 15.  LESSON 07. "The Spread of Book Culture in the Fifteenth Century," 1A 25-26. "Sir Thomas Malory," 259-291. Quiz (1). Journal (2). 

Sep 18.  LESSON 08. "Geoffrey Chaucer," 1A 293-299. "The Millerís Tale," 1A 358-374. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Sep. 22.  LESSON 09. Chaucer: "The Wife of Bath's Prologue" and "Wife of Bath's Tale," 1A 375-403. Quiz (1). Journal (2). 

Sep. 25.  LESSON 10. "Vernacular Religion" and "Margery Kempe," 1A 559-591. "Christine de Pizan" and "Book of the City of Ladies," 1A 658-665. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Sep. 29. LESSON 11. "Medieval Biblical Drama," 1A 531-559. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Oct. 02. LESSON 12. "Mankind," 1A 631-657. Quiz (1). Journal (2).


Oct. 13. LESSON 13.  "Early Modern Period" and "The Humanist Renaissance," 1B 667-673. "Government Self Government," 1B 790-814. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Oct. 16. LESSON 14.  "Sir Thomas More" and "Utopia," 1B 714-785. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Oct. 20. LESSON 15. "Philip Sidney," "Apology for Poetry," "The Apology and Its Time," 1B 993-1036. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Oct. 23. LESSON 16. "The Business of Literature," and "The Languages of Literature," 1B 681-686. "Rise of Print Culture," 1B 1079-1114. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Oct. 27. LESSON 17. "Elizabeth I," 1B 1114-126. "Sir Walter Raleigh" and "Perspectives on the New World," 1B 1230-1272. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Oct. 30. LESSON 18. "William Shakespeare," 1B 1273-1276 and "Twelfth Night," 1B 1288-1347 (better if viewed on CD).

Nov. 03. LESSON 19. "Twelfth Night," 1B 1288-1347. Quiz (1). Journal (2) (best if viewed a second time on CD).

Nov. 06. LESSON 20. "The War and the Modern Order," 1B 686-687. "The Civil War" and "Milton," 1B 1768-1798.  "Aeropagitica," 1B 1814-1823. Quiz (1). Journal (2).


Nov. 10. LESSON 21. "Restoration and 18th Century," 1C 2121-2126. "Royal Society," 1C 2174-2193. Optional reading, objections to the Royal Society: Margaret Cavendish "Observations on Experimental Philosophy," 1C 2203-2205 and Jonathan Swift from "Gulliver's Travels Part 3: A Voyage to Laputa," 1C 2532-2536. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Nov. 13. LESSON 22. "Aphra Behn," 2267-2269. "Oroonoko," 1C 2278-2321. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Nov. 17. LESSON 23. Daniel Defoe "A Journal of the Plague Year," 1C 2437-2452. "Reading Papers," 1C 2453-2498." Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Nov. 20. LESSON 24. "Swift," 1C 2498-2500. "Lady's Dressing Room" and Lady Montagu's response, 1C 2507-2512. "Gulliver's Travels Part 4: Houyhnhnms" 1C 2541-2587. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Nov. 27. LESSON 25. "Pope," 1C 2599- 2601 "Rape of the Lock," 1C 2631-2652. "Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Dec. 01. LESSON 26. "Money, Manners and Theatrics," 1C 2126-2134. "Richard Brinsley Sheridan" and "The School for Scandal," 1C 3001-3063. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Dec. 04. LESSON 27. "Faith and Knowledge, Thought and Feeling," 1C 2134-2136. Pope's "Essay on Man," 1C 2664-2673. "Perspectives: Mind and God," 1C 2793-2825. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Dec. 08. LESSON 28. The American Revolution. "Revolutionary Britain Source Texts" online at englishare. Quiz (1). Journal (2).

Dec. 11. Reflective Summary Essay is due (10). See assignment and instructions in Lesson 28.

Dec. 14. Online Final Exam (15) covering all of the readings from the course. Grades reported Dec. 17.



Numbers in parenthesis at left show course credit points (for those keeping score).

How to score::
25 Quizzes =
25 points;
25 Journals =
50 points, 
Essay = 10,
Final Exam = 15.
A=90+, B=80+, C=70+, D=60+
total score.


Dr G at his country retreat in the 16th century.



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