English 101. Academic Writing
Module 5: Exams
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Fifth Module at a Glance

The last module of our course prepares us to write college essay exams in general--and the final exam in English 101 at TC3 in particular. We have some experience in this skill already, as we wrote about the character of Socrates in a timed essay on Lesson 10. We spent time learning how to prepare for that essay exam, too, on Lesson 9. That was where we first met the COW, and where Dr. G demonstrated his five-part method for essay writing: list, group, write, conclude, introduce. Those lessons are relevant now.

All that we have learned in the course to date prepares us to research, brainstorm, organize, plan, and practice write the English 101 Final Exam essay.  The exam is very much about citation skills, the ability to organize an argument, and the knowledge of standard English.

Learning Objectives.
In Module 5, students will learn:

  (1) TO PASS ENGLISH 101!

 Say goodbye, Raphael.

Above: Socrates lectures in Raphael's School of Athens. The student who appears not to be listening to him is Alcibiades, who became a famous traitor to Athens during the Peloponnesian War. The question of our course and all courses is: what will you do with what you have learned?

This module includes Lessons 25 to 28.
    Lesson 25: The Final Exam; 
    Lesson 26: The Mock Final
    Lesson 27: Exam Prep and Tea Time; 
    Lesson 28: Graduation

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