English 101. Academic Writing
Module 3: The Search for Truth
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Third Module at a Glance

Module 3 is a workshop devoted to research. The research that we develop in Module 3 will become the basis for the major research report that we will write in Module 4. Together, the two modules form an overall research project that accounts for nearly two-thirds of the grade credits in the course!

Why so much emphasis on the research project? Research and research writing skills are important and perhaps critical to your academic future. Graduates of English 101 at TC3 (as at other colleges) are presumed to know how to research and write research reports. Assignments of this sort are common in college, and they often account for a large percentage of the course grades.

Let's not think of any research project simply as a "report" or a "paper." The actual writing is only the cow's behind (so to speak). As surely as COW starts with "C" (for content), research projects start with research to find content. Writing a college paper without knowing the subject matter is like going to war without ammunition. 

Learning Objectives. In Module 3, students will:

(1) identify a significant research question;
(2) investigate academic and professional books, articles and sources pertaining to the research question and related issues;
(3) maintain a research journal to keep source citations and other records of research, and
(4) summarize research experiences in a research narrative essay.


Research can be a great adventure. When I think back over the research that I did in connection with the module on Socrates, it was full of surprises. I could not have predicted that I would learn about Steven Keyevich (the Platonic bomber) or Buddhist tummo .

Research should be fun, but of course it all depends on what you look for and where you look. At the time of the photo to the right, poor old Diogenes had been searching for an honest man for 2300 years. Apparently he still had not figured out the most likely place to search!

This module includes Lessons 11 to 18.

    Lesson 11: Looking Back, Looking Forward
    Lesson 12: College Research 101
    Lesson 13: Books
    Lesson 14: Meet the Librarian
    Lesson 15: The Information Stuporhiway
    Lesson 16: Student Midterm Conferences
    Lesson 17: The Joys of Research
    Lesson 18:  Dr. E's guest lecture on Basics of Reasoning

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