English 101. Academic Writing
Module 4: Reporting
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Fourth Module at a Glance

When we have accumulated most of our research (Module 3), we are ready to "OW" the COW . You remember COW?  Module 4 is all about organizing the research (the "O" of the COW) and then writing the report (the "W" ), including revision based on feedback from readers.

Learning Objectives. In Module 4, students will:

(1) plan and outline an argumentative research report;
(2) write a draft report for peer review;
(3) review and offer criticism of other writers' reports;
(4) revise and polish reports:
(5) learn to avoid common mistakes of grammar, punctuation and mechanics of writing.

This module features guest lecturer Elizabeth Gutchess. You will find one or more of Dr. E's documents in most of the Lessons of this module. Most of them review the essentials of standard English. Be sure to brush up on the rules of language through her discussions, and take the recommended exercises to check your understanding.

In the academic world, your literacy (ability to write technically correct English) is the sign that tells whether you're one of us, here in the magical Land of Academicians, or whether you're one of them. Don't be seen as one of them. They are doomed to repeat English 101 forever.

The paper that we must write is argumentative, but persuasion is not easy, unless we can use guns, money, sex or other incentives. Using words alone, how can we get people to "change their minds"? Image above: An ancient Greek vase depicts a famous scene from the Iliad in which smooth-talking Odysseus tries to persuade brawny Achilles (center) to join the Trojan War. Achilles thinks it over but declines. All things considered, he would rather live than die, thank you.

This module includes Lessons 19 to 24.

    Lesson 19: Organize with outlines; 
    Lesson 20: Review your plan
    Lesson 21: The story of language; 
    Lesson 22: Dr. E's grammar sequence
    Lesson 23: The peer review process; 
    Lesson 24:  Dr. G's Hit Parade    

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