English 101. Academic Writing
Module 1: Orientation
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First Module
at a Glance

Welcome to Module 1, which includes Lessons 1 & 2. These two Lessons are all about orientation. Don't skip them, or we'll have to send out a search party for you. 

During this part of the course, students should:

learn to navigate this web course,

gain an understanding of the purposes, schedules and policies of this course,

think in general about personal goals and the role that college may be able to play, and

submit a writing sample to the instructor
(as assigned in Lesson 1).


This module includes Lessons 1 and 2

Interact with each Lesson in the course by following the detailed instructions found at the beginning of that Lesson.


Lesson 1: Orientation 
TAG for success in college

Lesson 2: Goals
What is higher education?
What is the final exam!
Do your goals measure up?

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