English 101. Academic Writing
Module 2: Boot Camp (Basic Training)
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Figures of Phoenix and Ajax derived from a classical painting.
Above: the Homeric teacher Phoenix and his student Ajax.
Greek warriors were taught to fight on the battlefield
AND to speak in council.


This module includes Lessons 3 to 10.

    Lesson 3: "Euthyphro," an introduction to the Academy

    Lesson 4: The Library: house of truth or lies?

    Lesson 5: "The Apology of Socrates"|

    Lesson 6: Citation and Plagiarism

    Lesson 7: "Crito" or Values

    Lesson 8: "Phaedo"

    Lesson 9: Preparing for the Plato Exam

    Lesson 10: Plato Exam 

Second Module at a Glance

"Boot Camp" is intensive basic training for the wars to come. In this challenging module of eight lessons students should learn:

  • to read college level material with improved comprehension; for practice, we will study four of Plato's Five Dialogues;

  • to research academic subjects by finding and evaluating appropriate library resources;

  • to summarize source information, to avoid plagiarism, and to document borrowings from sources by following the citation rules of the Modern Language Association of America ("MLA"); proper MLA citations disclose source borrowings through the use of quotation marks, in-text signal phrases, in-text parenthetical references, and reference lists of Works Cited. 

Greek to you? This module is disorienting in bringing you into contact with two unfamiliar and complex worlds at the same time: Plato and MLA citation. As noted in module 1, orientation takes time

Spend the time that's intended on each Lesson. Don't shortcut your skill development: don't be tempted to race ahead and finish as quickly as possible. Pay plenty of attention to each Lesson. Read carefully, ask questions, and discuss the issues, and complete all of the assignments.

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